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Update ubsutils to 012

Authored by kyrios123 on May 12 2019, 2:14 PM.


  • Merge usbhid-dump into main usbutils repository
  • Add usbreset.c as noinst_PROGRAMS target.
  • lsusb: Read unkown names from sysfs device desc.
  • Remove a small hack that no longer has any effect.
  • Cleanup grammar
  • lsusb-t: Emit USB IDs and other handy info when verbosity is increased
  • Require newer version of libusb
  • fix up Python 3 conversion
  • SPDX bill-of-material is supposed to be project_name.spdx
  • usbutils.spdx: rerun report, it is properly sorted.
  • desc-dump.c: fix compiler warning about unused variable
  • add usbreset to .gitignore
  • usbreset: fix some build warnings
  • usbhid-dump: update to latest version
  • fix up standard int types
  • update usbhid-dump git id
  • usbhid-dump: update to a newer version of usbhid-dump again.
  • Search multiple paths for usb.ids.
  • Usb enum for parser state machine.
  • Add driver names for usbhid.
  • sort devices and interfaces numerically
  • sort toplevel entries
  • improve usage text
  • replace fake deepcopy()
  • remove -w (warn if usb.ids not sorted) option
  • ensure all error messages are written to stderr
  • support long options
  • use regular print() instead of hand-rolling the same thing
  • avoid shadowing Python's built-in 'str'
  • replace usb.ids binary search with dict lookup
  • remove now-unused bin_search()
  • avoid manual calls to foo()
  • replace repr() for USB IDs with str()
  • insert class FF:FF:FF into usbclasses to avoid special casing
  • entirely remove Usb* classes
  • cosmetic - replace tuples-as-"immutable lists" with regular lists
  • use 'elif' where suitable
  • remove dead code
  • move unrelated code out of try..except
  • allow - as well as _ when matching hci module names
  • use a constant for the magic class number 9
  • Usb* classes: call read() automatically from constructor
  • UsbEndpoint: indent is a class implementation detail
  • a few cosmetic changes
  • shorten find_usb_class()
  • give all Usb* objects a .path attribute
  • add an actual repr() to classes
  • give all Usb* classes a superclass
  • convert readattr() and readlink() to methods of the container
  • use color by default
  • rework output for more consistent indent of both columns
  • fix endpoint interval spacing
  • visually group USB-version-related fields
  • lsusb: Split out routine that fetches value for given field.
  • lsusb: Split out field name rendering.
  • lsusb: Add support for descriptor extensions.
  • lsusb: Add support for audio processing unit type-specific fields.
  • lsusb: Added support for Billboard Alternate Mode Capability descriptor
  • Fix formatting of 10Gbps speeds
  • usb-devices: use /bin/sh hashbang
  • lsusb: Add support for decoding IPP printer descriptors
  • man pages: add information on verbosity levels of -t option

Signed-off-by: Pierre-Yves <>

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R3097 usbutils
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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DataDrake accepted this revision.May 16 2019, 9:45 PM
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LGTM. Thanks!

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