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Update cryfs to 0.10.1

Authored by clivejo on Apr 6 2019, 9:29 PM.


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Update cryfs to 0.10.1
New Features & Improvements:

  • Experimental Windows support
  • Integrity checks ensure you notice when someone modifies your file system.
  • File system nodes (files, directories, symlinks) store a parent pointer to the directory that contains them. This information can be used in later versions to resolve some synchronization conflicts.
  • Allow mounting using system mount tool and /etc/fstab (e.g. mount -t fuse.cryfs basedir mountdir)
  • Performance improvements
  • Use relatime instead of strictatime (further performance improvement)
  • Pass fuse options directly to cryfs (i.e. 'cryfs basedir mountdir -o allow_other' instead of 'cryfs basedir mountdir -- -o allow_other')
  • CryFS tells the operating system to lock the encryption key to memory, i.e. not swap it to the disk (note: this is best-effort and cannot be guaranteed. Hibernation, for example, will still write the encryption key to the disk).
  • New block size options: 4KB and 16KB
  • New default block size: 16KB. This should decrease the size of the ciphertext directory for most users.
  • Increased scrypt hardness to (N=1048576, r=4, p=8) to make it harder to crack the key while allowing cryfs to take advantage of multicore machines.
  • cryfs-unmount tool to unmount filesystems

Fixed bugs:

  • du shows correct file system size on Mac OS X.
  • On Mac OS X, Finder shows the correct name for the mount directory
  • If file system migration encounters files or folders with the wrong format in the base directory, it now just ignores them instead of crashing.
  • When trying to migrate a file system from CryFS 0.9.3 or older, show an error message suggesting to first open it with 0.9.10 because we can't load that anymore.
  • The '--unmount-idle' parameter works again
  • Fix building with boost 1.67


  • Fixed some incompatibilities with systems using the musl libc
  • Use boost::stacktrace instead of libbacktrace to build stack traces. This fixes a segfault issue with platforms using libexecinfo and is generally more portable.


  • Updated to crypto++ 8.1
  • Updated to DokanY 1.2.1
  • Unit tests can now be run from any directory
Test Plan

Installed version 0.10.1, upgraded my vaults in Plasma and checked my senstive data was still accessible via Plasma Vaults.

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