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Update OpenMW to 0.45.0

Authored by aleksvor on Mar 30 2019, 8:44 AM.



New features:

  • Non-actor objects display visual effects during spellcasting
  • Creatures without any collision box use auto-generated ones
  • Launcher: File paths of selected content files can be copied via context menu
  • Actors play casting animations during scripted spellcasting
  • As an option, barter deals permanently modify merchant disposition
  • Ranged weapons deal critical hits to unaware opponents
  • 360° screenshots of various kinds can be made
  • 'ToggleBorders' debug instruction ("tb") available in console
  • Sound generator keys in activator animations are supported
  • Some of the debug settings previously available as command line arguments can be set up in the launcher
  • Support for per-group KF animation replacers has been added
  • Shader water is rougher during bad weather
  • The number of enchanted items in a stack is shown in the Spells window
  • The actual chance of hitting the target is used for AI weapon rating instead of just the skill
  • The real potential damage of a weapon is used for its rating
  • A bonus is applied to the rating of ranged weapons if the attacker is far enough from the target
  • As an option, the Strength attribute affects Fatigue and Health damage in hand-to-hand combat
  • The logging system has been heavily reworked
  • AI no longer uses magic effects that affect hit chance if the enemy has not taken the appropriate stance
  • AI uses the root mean square of melee-weapon damage for more precise weapon rating
  • AI accounts for weapon speed when rating a weapon
  • Various vanilla GMSTs regarding combat action rating are utilised
  • 'sTo' GMST ("to") replaces hyphen in the Spellmaking menu
  • New count field in the Alchemy window allows you to brew multiple potions at the same time
  • To improve performance, actors outside of the AI processing range are no longer rendered but faded out
  • AI processing range can be configured via an in-game slider and a configuration option
  • If the animated creature model lacks a collision box, the non-animated model's collision box is used as a fallback
  • Tooltips of thrown weapons show the actual in-game damage (twice the base-record damage) the projectiles have

Full changelog here.

Test Plan

Loaded my save and continued playing.

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