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Update flatpak to 1.2.2

Authored by flyingP0tat0 on Feb 10 2019, 12:03 PM.


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Update flatpak to 1.2.2

Changelog is way too long to list it, see flatpak/flatpak/releases.

Test Plan
  • ran an already installed flatpak
  • instlalled and ran a new flatpak from flathub

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R766 flatpak
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flyingP0tat0 created this revision.Feb 10 2019, 12:03 PM
flyingP0tat0 requested review of this revision.Feb 10 2019, 12:03 PM

What did you regarding this T7543 ?

@Girtablulu Why should the update of geoclue and the desktop portal block this update? I understand those should also be updated, but that can happen independently as it is still within the same major version, right?

a newer geoclue (2.5.2+) is a dependency of xdg-desktop-portal which is a portal frontend service for flatpak which works by exposing a series of D-Bus interfaces, so it can happen if we push the newer flatpak without updating xdg-desktop-portal that it can cause issues with flatpaks.

And we had an updated geoclue already inside the repo and it cause some issues and got reverted back and was said mentioned be the core team not to touch geoclue at the moment till they fixed all the regressions, that's why flatpak hasn't been updated already :)

Well, I understand that problem, I just thought it should not be critical to flatpak itself because of it still being in 1.x.

Should I leave the revision open or close it for now?

JoshStrobl abandoned this revision.Feb 10 2019, 11:52 PM