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Update GZDoom to 3.7.0

Authored by aleksvor on Dec 29 2018, 8:58 AM.




  • Completely revamped textures system, allowing for more future extensibility and rework, also fixes a few issues
  • add support for scaled textures in the software renderer
  • Untranslated fonts now appear as truecolor
  • Improvements to Doom64 colouring
  • declared Actor's Morph() and UnMorph() functions virtual
  • scale factor is now applied to all scaling modes
  • add vanilla lightmode that behaves exactly as Doom's original light did
  • Cheat-enforced CVARs can now be changed in normal single player games without sv_cheats
  • Added a JIT compiler for DECORATE and ZScript which should allow some maps and mods to perform slightly, if not significantly faster in some cases
  • scriptified the AltHUD
  • Many bug fixes
  • Update GME up to 0.6.2 version
  • GL renderer is now partly multi-threaded, resulting in a 10-20% speedup, depending on a map's complexity
  • Add shader cache for Intel GPU's which should result in faster startups - first startup will still be slower, though
  • Lights are now referenced by sections rather than surface, to speed up light linking. This should allow a dynamically-lit plasma bolt to pass over a 3D bridge in Frozen Time without turning the game into a slide show

Full changelog here.

Test Plan

Played first levels of "The Ultimate Doom" and "Doom 2".

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