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Update to 9.11.1_P1

Authored by poltertec on Jun 13 2017, 9:48 PM.



This update addresses the following CVEs:
• CVE-2017-3141
• CVE-2017-3140

Feature Changes:
• dnstap now stores both the local and remote addresses for all messages, instead of only the remote
address. The default output format for dnstap-read has been updated to include these addresses,
with the initiating address first and the responding address second, separated by "-%gt;" or "%lt;-"
to indicate in which direction the message was sent.
• Expanded and improved the YAML output from dnstap-read -y: it now includes packet size and
a detailed breakdown of message contents.
• If an ACL is specified with an address prefix in which the prefix length is longer than the address
portion (for example,, named will now log a warning. In future releases this will be a
fatal configuration error.

Bug Fixes:
• named could deadlock if multiple changes to NSEC/NSEC3 parameters for the same zone were
being processed at the same time.
• named could trigger an assertion when sending NOTIFY messages.
• Referencing a nonexistent zone in a response-policy statement could cause an assertion failure
during configuration.
• rndc addzone could cause a crash when attempting to add a zone with a type other than master
or slave. Such zones are now rejected.
• named could hang when encountering log file names with large apparent gaps in version number
(for example, when files exist called "logfile.0", "logfile.1", and "logfile.1482954169"). This is now
handled correctly.
• If a zone was updated while named was processing a query for nonexistent data, it could return
out-of-sync NSEC3 records causing potential DNSSEC validation failure.

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R431 bind-utils
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Update to 9.11.1_P1

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