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Update svt-av1 to 1.5.0

Authored by aleksvor on Fri, May 5, 8:01 PM.
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F10794672: D14103.diff
Sat, May 27, 5:00 PM
F10769825: D14103.id34408.diff
Sat, May 20, 7:57 PM
F10756007: D14103.diff
Wed, May 17, 1:53 AM
F10727106: D14103.id34408.diff
Tue, May 9, 5:47 PM
F10726911: D14103.id34386.diff
Tue, May 9, 3:39 PM
F10726817: D14103.diff
Tue, May 9, 2:03 PM


Group Reviewers
Triage Team
R5579:b9119612a566: Update svt-av1 to 1.5.0


  • Optimize the tradeoffs for M0-M13 speeding up M5-M1 by 15-30% and improving the BDR of M6-M13 by 1-3%.
  • Create a new preset MR (--preset -1) to be the quality reference.
  • Optimize the tradeoffs for M8-M13 in the low delay encoding mode for SC and non-SC modes.
  • Add dynamic minigop support for the random access configuration enabled by default in M9 and below.
  • Add skip frames feature allowing the user to start encoding after n frames in the file.
  • Add ability to specify a smaller startup minigop size for every gop to enable faster prefetching.
  • Fix segmentation support and re-enable it with --aq-mode 1 to allow work on the region of interest API.
  • Add padding bytes to the EbSvtAv1EncConfiguration configuration structure keep its size unchanged until v2.0.
  • Major cleanups for unused variables, static functions, and comments formatting.
  • Reduce the size of variables.
Test Plan
  1. Rebuilt packages:
    • ffmpeg (needs a patch)
    • libavif
    • libheif
  2. Transcoded H264 video to AV1 with ffmpeg.

Diff Detail

R5579 svt-av1
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