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Update tree to 2.1.0

Authored by davidjharder on Apr 29 2023, 1:31 AM.
Referenced Files
F10794562: D14048.diff
Sat, May 27, 4:38 PM
F10724098: D14048.id34278.diff
Sun, May 7, 12:14 PM
Sun, May 7, 12:14 PM
F10724096: D14048.id34262.diff
Sun, May 7, 12:14 PM
F10716103: D14048.id34278.diff
Thu, May 4, 10:44 AM
F10716101: D14048.id34262.diff
Thu, May 4, 10:44 AM
Thu, May 4, 10:44 AM
F10714068: D14048.diff
Wed, May 3, 3:12 PM



Summarized Changelog

  • Add support for --info and --gitignore for the --fromfile option
  • Add options --infofile and --gitfile to load .info and .gitignore files explicitly. Each implies --info or --gitignore respectively.
  • Another attempt at fixing extraneous /'s in HTML URLs/output
  • Fixed XML output
  • Add support for the NO_COLOR environment variable ( Equivalent to the -n option
  • Added --hintro and --houtro options to select files to use as the HTML intro and outro. Use /dev/null or an empty file to eliminate them entirely. This should make it much easier to create our own custom CSS or embed one or more trees into a web page.
  • Added option --fflinks which will process symbolic link information from a file generated with tree -if --noreport when using --fromfile
  • Updated the totals reporting code to also include in the total the file or directory that is being listed. This should make a correct report when doing something like tree *.

Full changelog here

Test Plan
  • Look at some directory trees

Diff Detail

R3062 tree
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