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Update libass to 0.16.0

Authored by aleksvor on Jun 18 2022, 10:02 PM.
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F10832578: D13288.diff
Tue, Jun 6, 4:42 AM
F10809169: D13288.id32505.diff
Tue, May 30, 12:17 PM
F10808795: D13288.id32504.diff
Tue, May 30, 10:35 AM
F10807970: D13288.diff
Tue, May 30, 6:43 AM
Wed, May 24, 11:48 PM
F10770660: D13288.diff
Sun, May 21, 1:12 AM
Tue, May 16, 10:47 PM




  • Fix crashes with fonts missing Postscript names and without one being synthesised by the font provider.
  • Fix crashes on negative fontsizes and some overflows.
  • Fix a rare memory leak introduced in 0.13.0.
  • x86: Fix potential buffer over-read by 16 bytes with AVX2 assembly when large tiles are not enabled (the default).
  • x86: Fix AVX support not being detected on non-Intel CPUs and some VMs.
  • x86: Fix CPUID being used on CPUs not supporting the instruction (<= i486) and the way it is used for CPUs with less than 7 CPUID-leafs which could lead to crashes due to illegal instructions.
  • Improve \iclip quality.
  • Improve quality of very small outlines.
  • Switch to wyhash for much better cache performance.
  • Propagate ZWJ/ZWNJ effects across glyph run boundaries.
  • Add ASS_FEATURE_WHOLE_TEXT_LAYOUT to apply bidi, shaping and \fay to the entire unsplit event text. The non-portable Encoding=-1 mode always behaves as if the feature were enabled
  • Improve VSFilter compatibility.

Full changelog here.

Test Plan

Watched video with ASS subtitles in mpv and VLC.

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R1630 libass
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