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Update horizon-eda to version 2.3.1

Authored by maikwoehl on Mon, Jun 13, 6:16 PM.




Version 2.3.1

  • Bugfixes
    • Board Editor
      • Clearance checks: don't crash on unfilled planes (418f15d)
      • prevent cursor from disappearing after updating planes (5f43810)
    • Schematic Editor
      • Connectivity checks: don't crash if unplaced pin is not connected (1cf64d0)
    • Pool and proejct manager
      • don't crash when closing windows that don't have an open pool/project (268b2f5)

Version 2.3.0

  • New features
    • Schematic Editor
    • Board editor
      • Support connecting tracks to pads with offset (21840a7)
      • ODB++ output (d84af5e)
      • Thermal relief spoke customisation (c1a568f)
      • Thermal relief rules for overriding thermal style (7e880dc)
      • Board connectivity check to check that all copper features of a net are connected (42eba6a)
    • Editors
      • Tools for cleaning up imported geometry (9e5dec5)
      • View at actual size action (310f974)
    • Pool manager
      • Individual directions for alternate pin names (496129d)
    • 3D preview
      • Support 3D input devices via spacenav (30951a4)
  • Enhancements
    • Board Editor
      • Faster copper clearance checks (2718b88)
      • Update planes without blocking the UI and show progress (421e610, 5b490df, deab5f2)
      • STEP export: export arcs in board outline as such (9c3c740)
      • Rules: support matching multiple nets (d2da4b6)
      • Rules: support matching multiple components (50ecfa8)
      • Show layer in check results (ac470c9)
      • Edit plane: support picking net (bac09fd)
      • Fab output window: show message when export is done (1ace3c5)
      • STEP export: improved error reporting (545ca3e)
    • Editors
    • 3D preview
      • Don't block while rendering layers (e44d858)
      • Improved touchpad and trackpoint navigation (197620c)
      • Animate transitions (8360c01)
      • Toggle projection action (0f7ef03)
    • Schematic editor
      • Draw net line tool: use correct bend mode when starting from power symbols (8d5b13f)
      • Place on board can place all components of a block (c92eabd)
      • Automatically move junctions connected power symbols (670d962)
      • Schematic properties dialog is now separate from project properties (1fc6fb6)
      • Show sheet in undo/redo popup (c0a1a04)
      • Place power symbol tool: open manage power nets dialog if there are none (fd4872d)
      • More checks (fa257a5) - Warn about netlist/schematic connection mismatch (7e0785e)
    • Package editor
      • Show inner layers in 3D preview (a7ad28f)
    • Padstack editor
      • Support setting hole position in parameter program (dec4200)
    • Pool and project manager
      • Also show progress for first pool update by estimating number of files (6e58cf4)
      • Automatically update pool if any item has changed after the last pool update (1b691d1)
    • Pool manager
      • Perform complete pool update when overwriting existing item (bae8ce0)
      • KiCad symbol import: support s-expression symbols from KiCad 6 (3d834e6)
      • KiCad package import: support KiCad version 6 packages (ee37598)
      • Add option for changing default frame/via (4a6074d, 1c6cee7)
    • Project manager
      • Show project's pools (e9b326d)
      • Show spinner while opening schematic/board (09c6818)
      • Remember author and base path when creating new project (b897b0b)
      • Provide suggestion for project name based on title (5923ca7)
    • Symbol editor
      • Hide junctions and hidden text by default (20c6ab9)
  • Bugfixes
    • General
      • Prevent logger from getting stuck under high load (10dcbc9)
    • Board editor
      • Router: handle pads with holes in them (b6c0c8a)
      • Gerber export: don't write newline after aperture macro primitive (1a3a6b6)
      • Gerber export: support polygons with arcs in padstacks (0efe0ac)
      • Update airwires after pasting via (edcd404)
      • Edit stackup: don't crash if there are airwires on deleted layers (2cdc9b3)
      • Correctly handle zero-width lines in checks (0e4597a)
    • Schematic editor
      • Move tool: automatically connect extra junctions (172c0c4)
      • Correctly detect changes in project pool (9290159)
      • Connect power symbol placed on pin (f87c896)
    • Editors
      • Round off vertex tool: fix arc orientation for non-convex corners (e21595d)
      • Drag polygon edge tool: properly handle circles (ec8b4d6)
      • Don't try to warp cursor on wayland (ab41b47)
      • More graceful behavior if a tool doesn't end if requested (5066148)
      • Properly escape net names in head-up display (c7c38fc)
      • Align and distribute tool: properly handle texts (ddb3120)
      • Improve handling of non-ASCII characters when editing texts (fa3318d)
      • Rules: prevent UI from locking up while checks are running (db6d567)
      • Rules: don't keep result rows expanded while checks are running (7c98c01)
      • Rules: compute cache once (9052052)
    • Package editor
      • Footprint generator: ensure correct placement of entries with buggy librsvg (282bdec)
    • Symbol editor
      • Support going to check errors (9b8a9a5)
    • Pool/project manager
      • Correctly handle opening files form argv (56b3f08)
      • Correctly open directories in external file browser (972cf17)
    • Project manager
      • Digi-Key stock info provider: properly escape text (eb691cb)
      • Don't crash if a pool update happens on opening a project (351bcd9)

For packagers

  • Replace libzip dependency with libarchive (06b7a64)
  • New dependency libspnav, if your distribution doesn't include it, you can disable spacenav support by passing WITH_SPNAV=0 to make
Test Plan

Start horizon and draw some schematics and layouts.

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R5407 horizon-eda
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