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Update solidity to 0.8.12

Authored by GZGavinZhao on Mar 14 2022, 12:50 PM.




  • Language Features:
    • General: Add equality-comparison operators for external function types.
    • General: Support ContractName.functionName for abi.encodeCall, in addition to external function pointers.
  • Compiler Features:
    • Commandline Interface: Event and error signatures are also returned when using --hashes.
    • Yul Optimizer: Remove mstore and sstore operations if the slot already contains the same value.
    • Yul: Emit immutable references for pure yul code when requested.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Antlr Grammar: Allow builtin names in yulPath to support .address in function pointers.
    • Code Generator: Fix internal error when accessing the members of external functions occupying more than two stack slots.
    • Code Generator: Fix internal error when doing an explicit conversion from string calldata to bytes.
    • Control Flow Graph: Perform proper virtual lookup for modifiers for uninitialized variable and unreachable code analysis.
    • General: string.concat now properly takes strings as arguments and returns string memory. It was accidentally introduced as a copy of bytes.concat before.
    • Immutables: Fix wrong error when the constructor of a base contract uses return and the derived contract contains immutable variables.
    • Inheritance: Consider functions in all ancestors during override analysis.
    • IR Generator: Add missing cleanup during the conversion of fixed bytes types to smaller fixed bytes types.
    • IR Generator: Add missing cleanup for indexed event arguments of value type.
    • IR Generator: Fix internal error when copying reference types in calldata and storage to struct or array members in memory.
    • IR Generator: Fix IR syntax error when copying storage arrays of structs containing functions.
    • Natspec: Fix internal error when overriding a struct getter with a Natspec-documented return value and the name in the struct is different.
    • Type Checker: Fix internal error when a constant variable declaration forward references a struct.
    • Yul EVM Code Transform: Improved stack shuffling in corner cases.
  • Solc-Js:
    • The wrapper now requires at least nodejs v10.
    • The code has been ported to TypeScript.
  • Build System:
    • Emscripten builds store the embedded WebAssembly binary in LZ4 compressed format and transparently decompress on loading.
Test Plan

Successfully compiled and deployed the sample programs from the official Solidity examples (

Signed-off-by: Gavin Zhao <>

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R5440 solidity
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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is your solbuild and common up to date? When I build it locally the abi changes are getting reverted

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Apply requested changes.

It was a linker problem. I was not using ld. Sorry for that!

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LGTM, thx

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