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Update opencolorio to 2.0.2

Authored by YakoYakoYokuYoku on Oct 27 2021, 2:34 PM.
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  • 2.0.2:
    • Allow apps to use getColorSpaceFromFilePath even for v1 configs and deprecate parseColorSpaceFromString.
    • Fix problem rendering to integer pixel layouts when there is a no-op.
    • Update CLF test files, add Python scripts for CLF implemenation guide.
  • 2.0.1:
    • Fix a problem with allocation vars not being used for the legacy GPU processing path. This provides a new getOptimizedLegacyGPUProcessor call for developers to access the legacy GPU processing (although you should be using the new GPU processor anyway!) and deprecates the previous CreateLegacyShaderDesc method.
    • Fix an issue where the environment section of the config was not being validated correctly for vars without a default. This also introduces stricter rules for validation of this part of the config and prevents a possible crash affecting both v1 and v2.
    • Fix a minor issue with how CDL ops are optimized.
    • Enable gcc -Wextra build flag and clean up the resulting warnings.
    • Re-enable support for negative stride values for packed and planar ImageDescs.
    • Improve C++ version detection and fix some compilation issues.
    • Fix and update setup_ocio script.
    • Correct a typo in the OCIO_USER_CATEGORIES environment variable name.
    • Fix an issue with the RPATH that was impacting the Python binding.
    • Improvements to CMake scripts and remove the OCIO_ADD_EXTRA_BUILTINS flag.
    • Correct the minimum GLSL version specified in some places (is now GPU_LANGUAGE_GLSL_1_2).
  • 2.0.0:
    • Fixed a bug in the single-pixel applyRGB call.
    • Additional ACES Built-in Transforms -- The built-ins now include all transforms identified by the config working group for the initial ACES config, including all of the ACES Output Transforms.
    • Add to Python binding Uniform_Float3 and setStrictParsingEnabled.
    • Fixed pybind issue to allow children of Transform class to have the correct type.
    • Restructure PyOpenColorIO -- Completed PyGpuShaderDesc and moved declarations. Fixed a number of issues with the Python documentation.
    • Added lots of new Python unit tests, adjusted a few bindings as a result. Reserved some enums for future work.
    • Avoid NaN values during Lut1D composition.
    • Python dynamic property fixes and added unit tests. Warn if more than one property is active.
    • Modify Python LogCameraTransform and FixedFunctionTransform constructors to require arguments. Direct operator<< to Python repr rather than str.
    • Make shader textures available via the Python API.
    • Add constants for new roles to the API. Have parseColorSpaceFromString include inactive spaces.
    • Modify ociocheck to warn if roles are missing, rather than error.
    • Fix exception propagation issue from FileRules.

Depends on D12115 and D12372.

Signed-off-by: Martin Reboredo <>

Test Plan

Built against openimageio, blender and krita.

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R2232 opencolorio
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