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Update srt to 1.4.4
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Authored by aleksvor on Fri, Oct 8, 7:31 PM.


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Summarized changelog:

  • Monotonic clock is enabled by default.
  • Changed the default value of SRTO_RETRANSMITALGO socket option to 1. This activates the efficient retransmission algorithm on the sender side.
  • Improvements:
    • Improved random integer retrieval, which is mainly used for initial socket ID and Initial Sequence Number (ISN) generation.
    • Improved clock drift compensation algorithm. RTT samples are now taken into account when estimating clock drift.
    • Improved round-trip time (RTT) estimation.
    • Improved 'No room to store incoming packet' warning with additional hints to identify a possible reason.
    • Added support for atomic types.

Ful changelog here.

Test Plan
  1. Rebuilt gstreamer-1.0-plugins-bad, ffmpeg and vlc against this version.
  2. Started SRT stream with OBS Studio and watched it with mpv.

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R5139 srt
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Buildable 1952
Build 1952: arc lint + arc unit

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aleksvor created this revision.Fri, Oct 8, 7:31 PM
aleksvor requested review of this revision.Fri, Oct 8, 7:31 PM