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Update soapysdr to 0.8.1 and drop python2
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Authored by algent on Wed, Oct 6, 3:49 PM.


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  • Build:
    • cmake: fix use of CMAKE_INSTALL_LIB_DIR when absolute
    • cmake: version policies for subproject compatibility
    • python3: change OUTPUT_NAME in newer versions of cmake
    • Types: consistency changes converting strings to bool
    • Type.hpp: fixed templated StringToSetting return true
    • Range: fixed default constructor not initializing step
  • API:
    • Added API calls for configuring an external reference clock rate
    • Constants for boolean setting strings SOAPY_SDR_TRUE/FALSE
    • Templated read/writeSetting()/readSensor() for SoapySDR::Device
    • Added Templated StringToSetting() and SettingToString() helpers
    • Python bindings duck typing for read/writeSetting()/readSensor()
    • Changed SoapySDRDevice_setupStream() to return the stream pointer
    • Added unloadModules() API call to manually cleanup modules on exit
    • Device: added parallel make() function with string arguments
    • Added ABI check to Python module

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan

Rebuild soapyrtlsdr and cubicsdr against this package.

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R4201 soapysdr
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Buildable 1947
Build 1947: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

algent created this revision.Wed, Oct 6, 3:49 PM
algent requested review of this revision.Wed, Oct 6, 3:49 PM

Require rebuilds for soapyrtlsdr and cubicsdr.
Also soapyrtlsdr should be added as rundep to cubicsdr.

algent updated this revision to Diff 29140.Wed, Oct 6, 9:06 PM

Fix wrong release number