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Update dunst to 1.6.1 T9718

Authored by heiwiper on Sun, Sep 12, 7:35 PM.


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1.6.1 - 2021-02-21:

    1. Fixed
  • Incorrect version in Makefile

1.6.0 - 2021-02-21:

    1. Added
  • Wayland support. Dunst now runs natively on wayland. This fixes several bugs with dunst on wayland and allows idle detection. (#781)
  • A progress bar, useful for showing volume or brightness in notifications (#775)
  • A script in contrib for using the progress bar (#791)
  • dunstctl count for showing the number of notifications (#793)
  • Expose environment variables info about the notification to scripts (#802)
  • text_icon_padding for adding padding between the notification icon and text (#810)
    1. Changed
  • Dunst now installs a system-wide config in /etc/dunst/dunstrc (#798)
  • Move part of the man page to dunst(5) (#799)
    1. Fixed
  • history_ignore flag broken when using multiple rules (#747)
  • Divide by zero in radius calculation (#750)
  • Monitor setting overriding follow_mode (#755)
  • Incorrect monitor usage when using multiple X11 screens (#762)
  • Emit signal when paused property changes (#766)
  • dunstify can pass empty appname to libnotify (#768)
  • Incorrect handling of 'do_action, close' mouse action (#778)


Test Plan
  • Send notification using notify-send "Hello world!"
  • Send notification using dunstify "Hello world!"

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R671 dunst
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Buildable 1726
Build 1726: arc lint + arc unit

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heiwiper created this revision.Sun, Sep 12, 7:35 PM
heiwiper requested review of this revision.Sun, Sep 12, 7:35 PM

This was my first build and I'm a bit confused, should I add the changelogs in my commit or in the arc diff summary ?

heiwiper updated this revision to Diff 28784.Sun, Sep 12, 9:08 PM

Update dunst to 1.6.1

Added a body to my commit

JoshStrobl requested changes to this revision.Wed, Sep 15, 3:07 PM
JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

You need to fix your pspec, shouldn't include those older releases.

Also the changelog is all sorts of bork:

  1. Don't use headers
  2. Don't have GitHub issue references
  3. Use nesting instead, example below:
- 1.6.1
 - Fixed incorrect version in Makefile
- 1.6.0
 - Added 
  - A progress bar, useful for showing volume or brightness in notifications
 - Fixed
 - Blah...

Should be moved back.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, Sep 15, 3:07 PM

Not sure I'm doing this correctly, I did arc diff --edit after editing my commit and now it created a new Task which is this

JoshStrobl abandoned this revision.Fri, Sep 17, 1:12 PM