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Update warzone2100 to 4.1.0

Authored by aleksvor on Jul 11 2021, 8:16 AM.



Summarized changelog:

  • Merge of the “camBalance” mod that revamps campaign balance and fixes numerous issues.
  • Numerous multiplayer balance tweaks.
  • Fix fog, add an option to toggle it on.
  • New design menu stats delta display.
  • Add a single player quit confirmation screen.
  • Allow building modules/derricks in a row (with drag & build).
  • Add support for binding same keys to multiple actions in non-conflicting contexts.
  • Allow assigning key bindings to mouse keys.
  • Add “selection without group” hotkeys.
  • Move the whole group to the target location, not only the command droid.
  • New cheat makemehero makes selected units hero rank.
  • General improvements to Cobra AI / accounts for new balance changes.
  • Fix: Muzzle flash effects for Gauss, laser, and all kinds of weapons.
  • Fix: Several crash & UI soft-lock issues.
  • Fix: Various save-loading issues.
  • Fix: Do not handle RMB click while panning the camera.
  • Fix: Unclosable panels and flicker when using the Intelligence map and Design menus.
  • Fix: Heavy CPU usage on the Intelligence map.
  • Fix: VTOL collision with ground units.
  • Fix: Normalmapping of 3D models in menus / buttons.
  • Many other bug fixes.

Full changelog here.

Test Plan

Completed tutorial and first mission of Alpha campaign.

Diff Detail

R3153 warzone2100
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