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Update biber to 2.16
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Authored by YakoYakoYokuYoku on Wed, Jun 2, 7:23 PM.


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  • 2.16:
    • Better support for Unicode on Windows (10 1803+) with the --winunicode option.
    • Option output_macro_fields no longer does anything as macro fields are auto-detected.
    • New options output_no_macrodefs and output_all_macrodefs control BibTeX macros (@STRING) output for bibtex format output.
  • 2.15:
    • Added --output-legacy-dates and --output-field-replace options to aid in outputting legacy bibtex format in tool and non-tool mode.
    • Datasource globbing now has to be turned on explicitly with the --glob-datasources option. Globbing causes some issues with UTF8 encoding detection on some OSes and since it is a niche requirement, it is turned off by default.
    • The BBLXML output format will be removed in version 4. It is rarely used and complicates test suite maintenance considerably.
  • 2.14:
    • XDATA now supports granular references so that specific fields/items in a list field may be used and inserted into fields/list positions. This allow, for example, re-use of names from a general XDATA entry containing data about authors. See the biblatex documentation.
    • Remote Zotero data source requests now send correct header.
    • Annotations are now correctly output for related entries.
    • Better sorting of some name edge cases.
    • New map_entrykey_* mapping verbs.
    • New options --noremove-tmp-dir and --show-tmp-dir to disable of removal on exit and showing location of temporary directory used for intermediate data. Useful for debugging.
    • Tool mode now accepts multiple data files on the command-line so that data can be spread over several files (e.g. main bib and crossrefs can be kept in separate files).
    • Biber no longer uses Text::BibTeX/btparse to generation initials from names in normal name parsing mode because it can't handle some Unicode situations.
  • 2.13:
    • biber now exits with error on some very malformed names instead of skipping them as this can lead to data loss in bibliographies.
    • Support for named annotations.
  • 2.12:
    • Added support for biblatex literal and named annotation features
    • Added support for biblatex \ifnocite test.
    • Case insensitive matching operators in sourcemaps (matchi/notmatchi).
    • Support for biblatex min/maxsortnames options.
    • Added support for biblatex noroman option to suppress roman numeral interpretation in ranges.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Depends on D11205 and D11210.

Signed-off-by: Martin Reboredo <>

Test Plan

Assembled a PDF that uses Spanish characters with marks in the bibliography. Further testing might be required.

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YakoYakoYokuYoku requested review of this revision.Wed, Jun 2, 7:23 PM