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Update paraview to 5.9.1
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Authored by aleksvor on Sun, May 2, 6:08 PM.


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Summarized changelog:

  • Catalyst:
    • Fixed Catalyst V2 API to avoid adding the same timestep twice and getting warnings about it.
    • Fixed issue with Catalyst V2 scripts missing time at first call.
    • Ensure all fields are requested in time step 0.
  • Reader changes:
    • Added HDF5-based XRage reader. This reader loads HDF5 data produced by xRage.
    • Several fixes for the PIO reader.
    • EnSight Gold reader now ignores 'maximum time steps:' lines in .case files.
    • Fixed bug in NetCDF reader where only the first array would be displayed in the array selection.
    • Motion FX reader now has a universal transform.

Full changelog here

Depends on D10973, D10974, D10975.

Test Plan
  1. Rendered a few shapes using Python scripting.
  2. Saved resulting scene data in NetCDF and CGNS formats to test updated libs.

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R4568 paraview
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Buildable 427
Build 427: arc lint + arc unit

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aleksvor created this revision.Sun, May 2, 6:08 PM
aleksvor requested review of this revision.Sun, May 2, 6:08 PM
aleksvor planned changes to this revision.Fri, May 14, 5:01 PM

Actually let's wait with reviewing and landing this. ParaView 5.9.1 will be released soon, so we can update it and its deps in one go.

aleksvor updated this revision to Diff 26765.Sat, May 15, 5:11 PM

Update to 5.9.1.

aleksvor retitled this revision from Rebuild paraview against cgns, netcdf-c and utfcpp to Update paraview to 5.9.1.Sat, May 15, 5:14 PM
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Remove -j2.

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Fix relnumber.