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Update libxslt to 1.1.34

Authored by YakoYakoYokuYoku on Apr 25 2021, 5:09 PM.
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  • 1.1.34
    • Documentation:
      • Fix EXSLT web pages.
      • Regenerate web pages.
      • Fix Git link in news.html.
      • Minor documentation fixes after recent changes.
      • Fix typos.
      • Regenerate symbols and API docs.
      • Regenerate EXSLT website.
    • Portability:
      • Remove stubs when compiling without debugger or profiler.
      • Invoke PKG_CHECK_MODULES for building shared libraries.
      • Conditionally determine whether xml2-config should pass shared libraries or static libraries.
      • Fix broken --prefix=DIR support.
      • Do not expose private library dependencies unless invoked.
      • Do not expose private library dependencies unless invoked.
      • Fix -Wformat-overflow warning.
      • Stop including ansidecl.h.
      • Remove WIN32_EXTRA_* variables.
      • Fix vsnprintf in Python bindings on Windows.
      • Build without winsock.
      • Stop redefining snprintf on MinGW.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • xsl:template without name and match attributes should not be allowed.
      • Make sure that Python tests exit with error code.
      • Improve handling of invalid UTF-8 in format-number.
      • Fix dangling pointer in xsltCopyText.
      • Fix memory leak in pattern compilation error path.
      • Fix uninitialized read with UTF-8 grouping chars.
      • Fix integer overflow in FORMAT_GYEAR.
      • Fix performance regression with xsl:number.
      • Backup XPath context node in xsltInitCtxtKey.
      • Fix unsigned integer overflow in date.c.
      • Fix insertion of xsl:fallback content.
      • Avoid quadratic behavior in xsltSaveResultTo.
      • Fix numbering in non-Latin scripts.
      • Fix uninitialized read of xsl:number token.
      • Fix integer overflow in _exsltDateDayInWeek.
      • Rework xsltAttrVT allocation.
      • Fix check of xsltTestCompMatch return value.
      • Fix security framework bypass.
      • Use xmlNewTextChild in EXSLT dyn:map.
      • Fix float casts in exsltDateDuration.
      • Always set context node before calling XPath iterators.
      • Fix attribute precedence with xsl:use-attribute-sets.
      • Backup context node in exsltFuncFunctionFunction.
      • Initialize ctxt->output before evaluating global vars.
      • Fix memory leak in EXSLT functions error path.
    • Improvements:
      • Enable continuous integration via GitLab CI.
      • Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings.
      • Adjust number of API index pages.
      • Make xsltCompileRelativePathPattern non-recursive.
      • Check that crypto:rc4_decrypt produces valid UTF-8.
      • Avoid recursion in keys.c:skipPredicate.
      • Simply handling of $all_flags.
      • Add a --dynamic option to --libs.
      • Simplify basic library handling.
      • Remove unused variable.
      • xslt-config: Simply handling of --cflags.
      • Add Travis test with MemorySanitizer.
      • Run Travis ASan tests under Xenial.
      • Improve fuzzers.
      • Always reuse XPath context.
      • Compile with -Wextra.
      • Make profiler support optional.
      • Hide unused code when compiling without debugger.
      • Reorganize fuzzing code.
      • Simplify .gitignore.
      • Optional operation limit.
      • Improve seed corpus and dictionary.
      • Reuse XPath context when compiling stylesheets.
      • Reuse XPath context in dyn:map.
      • Reuse XPath context in saxon:expression.
      • Add libFuzzer targets.
      • Adjust error message in expected test output.
      • Change bug tracker URL.
      • Change git repo URL.
      • Regenerate NEWS.
      • Fix misleading indentation in security.c.
    • Cleanups:
      • Candidate release 1 of libxslt 1.1.34 * doc/xsltproc.xml: moved to new place for docbook stylesheet and work around a missing / inrewrite of docbook xsl catalog in Fedora 30 * tests/fuzz/ add fuzz.h to sources * python/ there is no more TODO * run make tests instead of check to avoid fuzz in that environment, and drop python TODO.
      • Remove empty TODO file.
      • Remove generated file libxsltclass.txt from version control.
      • Rebuild docs.
  • 1.1.33:
    • Portability:
      • Variables need 'extern' in static lib on Cygwin.
      • Really declare dllexport/dllimport for Cygwin.
      • Fix callback signatures in Python bindings.
      • Fix transform callback signatures.
      • Fix extension callback signatures.
      • Fix deallocator signatures.
      • Fix XPath callback signatures.
      • Fix hash callback signatures.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Don't cache direct evaluation of patterns with variables.
      • Move function result RVTs to context variable.
      • Fix EXSLT functions returning RVTs from outer scopes.
      • Fix handling of RVTs returned from nested EXSLT functions.
      • Fix typos (Nick Wellnhofer)

Signed-off-by: Martin Reboredo <>

Test Plan

Built PySide2 against it.

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