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Update sigil to 1.5.1
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Authored by algent on Mon, Apr 5, 5:47 PM.


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  • Features:
    • Can now handle single xhtml file sizes over 2megabytes in size via its own URL Schemehandler
    • Will now highlight matched open close tag pairs while editing in Code View
    • Delete open close tag pairs (Remove Tag Pair)
    • Default selection of text for basic CodeView formatting including bold, italic, etc based on cursor position
    • Shift double-click (and Alt double-click) on a tag to select tag contents (including tag)
    • Expanded split on Sigil Split Marker capabilities to work better with nested tags
    • Added a new C++ CSS Parser and Query engine that works with Sigil's version of Gumbo
    • The Reports tool for "CSS Selectors" now lists all CSS selectors not just classes
    • The "Delete Unused Styles" tool now handles all unused CSS Selectors not just classes
    • The Reports for "CSS Selectors" and "Delete Unused Selectors" now handle selectors in XHTML Style tags
    • Added ability to load text and csv files to Group Saved Searches to automate lists of replacements
    • Reworked the Metadata Editor to be much more Human Readable with tooltips to show xml tags
    • Added semantic code to the descriptive field in Add Semantics as a learning aid
    • Checkpoint ManageRepos now has the ability to sort the repo table by any column
    • The Sigil User Guide has be completely reworked to bring it to Sigil 1.5.0+ levels
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix issue with custom ncx names in non-standard empty epub layouts
    • Fix Import Text to properly add ncx if missing for epub2
    • Fix issue with "Delete Unused Styles" not properly detecting all used selectors
    • Fix issues with repeated use of Mend and Prettify on bare text in structural tags
    • Fix extra line issue with Link to Stylesheet
    • Fix bug in id assignment in EPUB3 Metadata editor
    • Fix bug in trailing slash in Move To Folder paths
    • Fix bug in spelling of Columbia->Colombia in Languages
    • Fix bug in Clip Editor pasting of multiple clips
    • Fix bug in PerformCSSUpdates related to quoted string in content: values
    • Fix bug related to iframe handling when loading Preview
    • Fix typos in XMLEntities descriptions
    • Fix numeric table alignment to align right in multiple tables
    • Fix bug in Add Existing not properly using QProgressDialog for long import
    • Removed long deprecated and now invalid use of "altlang" in EPUB3 Metadata Editor

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan
  • From an EPUB file, edit the text.
  • Add and remove images.
  • Add a video file and preview it.
  • Check spelling.

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