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Update protonmail-bridge to 1.6.6
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Authored by FriesischScott on Mar 4 2021, 5:52 PM.


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Summarized changelog:

  • Allow to choose which keychain is used by Bridge on Linux
  • Improved performance during slow connection
  • Added IMAP requests to the logs for easier debugging

Full changelog:

Test Plan

Synced and sent mail through Thunderbird.

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R5138 protonmail-bridge
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FriesischScott created this revision.Mar 4 2021, 5:52 PM
FriesischScott requested review of this revision.Mar 4 2021, 5:52 PM

By any chance are you modifying the spacing by hand or have an outdated common?

I think I accidentally had format on save active in vscode. Do you want me to revert the whitespace changes?

Yes, that'd be appreciated.

Update formatting of package.yml

I aligned the formatting with the other repos. Hopefully, I got it right.

Actually commit the whole file this time...

algent added a subscriber: algent.Mar 7 2021, 12:33 PM

In the package.yml file, you have to fix the description too, from:

description: ProtonMail Bridge enable...


description: |
    ProtonMail Bridge enable...

Fix formatting for description

I found out that the ProtonMail Bridge application includes a launcher that allows it to update itself. From the ReadMe:

Official distributions of the ProtonMail Bridge and Import-Export apps contain both a launcher and the app itself. The launcher is installed in a protected area of the system (i.e. an area accessible only with admin privileges) and is used to run the app. The launcher ensures that nobody tampered with the app's files by verifying their signature using a hardcoded public key. App files are placed in regular userspace and are signed by Proton's private key. This feature enables the app to securely update itself automatically without asking the user for a password.

I tested building the launcher and it works perfectly. I installed an older version of the app and it prompted me for an update. After a restart it loaded the up-to-date application from my home directory. I would love to include this launcher in Solus if you agree. However, I am not entirely sure how to call the two resulting binaries. Currently I have:

  • protonmail-bridge: The launcher and basically the only application the user needs to know about. This is also the current name of the binary.
  • proton-bridge: The actual application with the default name from the build.

Any thoughts? It would be great if we can include this as updates can sometimes take a while (this one has been in progress since March 4th) and this would also allow for urgent fixes by ProtonMail to be deployed to the users on short notice.

Obviously I would still regularly update the package.