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hdf5: switch build to autotools

Authored by aleksvor on Feb 16 2021, 10:07 AM.
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Switch hdf5 build to autotools. CMake build generates broken CMake configuration files which then break builds of all revdeps which use CMake (namely netcdf, cgns, ParaView and VTK >= 9.0).
Autotools don't build libhdf5_tools library, but at this time nothing in the repo uses it.

Test Plan

Built revdeps:

  • netcdf-c
  • cgns
  • paraview
  • gdal
  • octave

Diff Detail

R1396 hdf5
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Were the other revdeps built for validation, like octave and gdal?

Were the other revdeps built for validation, like octave and gdal?

Yes, I have tested rebuilds of these against hdf5 and can confirm that they are fine. I'll update the test plan.

YakoYakoYokuYoku added inline comments.

I'd suggest to run CMake once so we can have the *.pc files, i.e.:


The *.pcs reside in solusBuildDir/CMakeFiles/*.pc, then these should be installed and lastly all of them needs to be copied/symlinked to a non versioned *.pc file so that we don't have broken pkg-config dependencies.

Generate pkgconfigs and add non-versioned symlinks for them.


file reports me broken links:

/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/hdf5.pc: broken symbolic link to /home/build/YPKG/root/hdf5/install//usr/lib64/pkgconfig//hdf5-1.10.4.pc

I'd suggest to remove $PKGCONFIGDIR/ and leave only hdf5-$version.pc, meaning that this will symlink to hdf5-$version.pc if it's in the same dir, this also applies to the rest.

Fix my thinko - correct the targets of symlinks.

Copy versioned pkgconfigs instead of symlinking them.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 23 2021, 11:55 AM
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