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Update tig to 2.5.2

Authored by algent on Feb 13 2021, 1:28 PM.




  • Incompatibilities
    • Change directory from the next argument, from now use tig -C /path/to/repo
  • Improvements
    • Jump from blame to commit.
    • Start blame of an uncommitted deleted line from HEAD so the line's origin can be traced.
    • Add line-graphics = auto.
    • Allow maxwidth to be expressed in % of the view width.
    • Pass stash args through.
    • Restore fullscreen navigation.
    • Update utf8proc to v2.6.1.
    • Add some range so control chars ^^ and ^_ are also supported.
    • Disable ncurses extended key values so that esc-codes can be used.
    • Use id column for commit id only.
    • Some minor updates for scrolling and for a double-click in diff.
    • Add scroll-half-page-up and scroll-half-page-down actions.
    • Allow to generate a compilation database.
    • New command stage-update-part.
    • The line number before a diff was applied is exposed as %(lineno_old).
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix wrapping of lines with multibyte characters.
    • Improve highlighting of search with $ regex
    • Update tracking branch when refreshing status view.
    • Fix vertical lines in Putty with UTF-8 graphics.
    • Fix parsing of three-way chunk headers with extra dashes.
    • Update tracking branch when refreshing status view.
    • Handle filename with space in diff view.
    • The stash view requires a working tree.
    • Replace useless strncpy to avoid compilation warning.
    • Zsh completion fixes.
    • Handle undefined __git_complete.
    • Fix help messages for half-page and page up.
    • Let -S, -G and --grep= pattern override readline history.
    • Fix bash completion issue with worktrees
    • Fix parsing of commit line from git log --left-right output in pager view.
    • Fix %(lineno) computation for hunk postimages that span only one line.
    • Align relative-compact dates to the right.
    • Fix empty split diff view when navigating quickly in the stash view.
    • Avoid depending on wcwidth in test by removing Variation Selector.
    • Open the blob view with the cursor correctly positioned.
    • Update %(text) when navigating diff contents.

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan
git log | tig
man tig | tig
tig show
tig blame package.yml
tig blame -C package.yml

Diff Detail

R3037 tig
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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LGTM, thanks!

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