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Update doublecmd to 0.9.10
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Authored by algent on Feb 6 2021, 5:34 PM.


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T7095: Double Commander Qt5-based


  • [Default] Can't open new tabs in existing DC instance
  • [Viewer] Viewer - Search does not work in files more than 2 Gb
  • [Plugins] DEB_WDX plugin cannot show info about .deb package with data.tar.xz
  • [Plugins] Creates corrupted .zipx archives
  • [Plugins] Wrong inner .cpio file name in the .rpm with Zstandard compression
  • [File operations] SHA-224 - Buffer overflow
  • [File operations] Gzip file not showing all folders in archive
  • [Default] lua 5.4.0-2 gives an Access violation when running LUA scripts
  • [Default] Filenames in different language aren't shown
  • [Language translation] Update german translation 0.9.9 beta build 9478 third update
  • [Viewer] access violation

Depends on D10808

Resolve T7095

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan
  • Testet on Budgie and Plasma DE.
  • Copy a large file from left pane to right pane.
  • Open different files.
  • Add new tabs to left and right panes.

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R4461 doublecmd
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algent created this revision.Feb 6 2021, 5:34 PM
algent requested review of this revision.Feb 6 2021, 5:35 PM
algent updated this revision to Diff 26013.Sun, Apr 4, 6:48 PM

Rebase to lazarus v.2.0.12

Could you try to fix T7095? I was about to work on it but since you already have a patch for doublecmd, I think you may do it while you're at it.

algent added a comment.Sun, Apr 4, 9:03 PM

@livingsilver94 I am working on it.

algent updated this revision to Diff 26017.Mon, Apr 5, 2:29 PM

Add doulbecmd-qt

algent edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Mon, Apr 5, 2:31 PM
algent updated this revision to Diff 26018.Mon, Apr 5, 4:16 PM

Remove docs

algent edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)Mon, Apr 5, 4:51 PM