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Initial working Alpine
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Authored by hansk on Sat, Feb 6, 3:56 AM.


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Initial commit of alpine - the console-based email client.

Test Plan

Installed, checked email with SSL, sent email with TLS, able to save passwords in a local password file.

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hansk created this revision.Sat, Feb 6, 3:56 AM
hansk requested review of this revision.Sat, Feb 6, 3:56 AM
serebit added a subscriber: serebit.Sat, Feb 6, 5:50 AM
serebit added inline comments.

Is this going to be in $HOME? If that's the case, it should probably be in ~/.config or ~/.cache instead (whichever is appropriate for the purpose of the file)

@serebit not worth it:

/usr/spool/mail/xxxx        Default folder for incoming mail.
~/mail                      Default directory for mail folders.
~/.addressbook              Default address book file.
~/.signature                File used for signature, appended to every message.
~/.pine-debug[1-4]          Diagnostic log for debugging.
~/.pinerc                   Personal alpine config file.
~/.pine-crash               Debug information useful to debug a crash.
~/.newsrc                   News subscription/state file.
~/.mailcap                  Personal mail capabilities file.
~/.mime.types               Personal file extension to MIME type mapping
/etc/mailcap                System-wide mail capabilities file.
/etc/mime.types             System-wide file ext. to MIME type mapping
/usr/local/lib/    Local pointer to system administrator.
/usr/local/lib/pine.conf    System-wide configuration file.
/usr/local/lib/pine.conf.fixed Non-overridable configuration file.
~/.alpine-smime/ca          Directory that contains Certificate Authority files.
~/.alpine-smime/private     Directory that contains private key(s).
~/.alpine-smime/public      Directory that contains public key(s).
/tmp/.\usr\spool\mail\xxxx  Per-folder mailbox lock files.
~/.pine-interrupted-mail    Message which was interrupted.
~/mail/postponed-msgs       For postponed messages (drafts)
~/mail/sent-mail            Outgoing message archive (FCC).
~/mail/saved-messages       Default destination for Saving messages.

@hansk See inline comments. Minor things, but a nice first go at this. Cheers.


Should be network.mail


pkgconfig() goes first in our alphabetical ordering (I know, weird)

DataDrake requested changes to this revision.Sat, Feb 6, 6:08 AM
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sat, Feb 6, 6:08 AM
JoshStrobl requested changes to this revision.Sat, Feb 6, 6:14 AM
JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

Neither of those builddeps are required. They're both part of system.devel.

hansk updated this revision to Diff 25322.Sun, Feb 7, 5:33 AM

Removed builddeps, updated component.

JoshStrobl requested changes to this revision.Wed, Feb 17, 6:42 PM
JoshStrobl added inline comments.

You don't need to bump it yet, it hasn't landed. Can set it back to 1.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, Feb 17, 6:42 PM
serebit removed a subscriber: serebit.Wed, Feb 17, 7:21 PM
hansk updated this revision to Diff 25586.Sun, Feb 28, 5:32 PM

Changes based on review

Rolled back uneccesary release bump
Added abi_* files (oops)