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The Great Phabricator Migration

Authored by ikey on May 3 2017, 3:48 AM.
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Please note

On Friday, we'll be putting the current git repositories into read only mode, to enable a transition to Diffusion.
This is in line with merging the development systems under one roof, and frankly, having a better contribution

We're planning a repo sync before this to ensure we're good to go without builds for a short period until the
repo migration is complete. Once it's done, all git repos will appear on this website, and we'll be dropping the
horrible manual process of uploading .patch files to a pretty CLI tool and inline patch review on the website.
Pretty freakin sweet.

Also means you guys can join in as fully fledged community maintainers :)

May 5 2017, 8:00 PM

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Looks something like this ..

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Have pushed to (old) git abireports for 500 or so packages that didn't have one in preparation of the switchover.

This means all updates will show any abi breakages, which is essential to push any change to the repo.

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Sended a patch yesterday for a package accepted for inclusion. Once the new system is up, should I remove the patch and use the new interface or are pending packages still going to be reviewed?

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Sounds really nice, It will make contributing easier for users.

The thing I always had something against was creating a new task every time I wanted to propose a patch submission. It flooded the dev tracker...

With this enhancement do you plan to change something with that ? Like having just one task for a package and then pushing updates on that thread only and not creating a new one ?

m-delvalle added a subscriber: m-delvalle.

@BridouZ basically for an "initial" patch there will always have to be an acceptance for the package first, in which case we create the repo. Then patches will be tracked in Diffusion, linked explicitly
to the issue. So it's then one issue, one diff, vs two issues and an uploaded patch file.

The end times approach ..

Yeah quite scaring to see the task reference C4 and a big countdown getting close to zero !

Lol no kidding xD

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euoar added a comment.May 5 2017, 6:25 PM

Run! In 01:35 m everything is going to explode! XD

Boom. I guess.

It did boom. Repos are read-only and I'm readying the transition. See labels

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