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Solus 4.2

Authored by JoshStrobl on Jan 25 2020, 4:58 PM.
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Reference Meta Task: T8629: Meta: Solus 4.2 Tasklist

Apr 23 2020, 9:00 AM

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Good things are happening this year.

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This is not sneaky at all

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"We don't do ETAs" - Joshua Strobl, 2019

@Jacek omg that's so last decade *says in valley girl accent*

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10/10 best troll evah

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Pushed back to April 23rd from March 23rd to allow for adequate testing and time of items like the Qt5 upgrade (which is going to happen after my OpenSSL upgrade, occurring after next week's GNOME Stack upgrade) and hopefully after any issues with GNOME are resolved following the weeks after the GNOME 3.36 release. There's always major issues around Mutter, especially as GNOME continues to compromise the stability of X11 support by their continued focus on Wayland.

  • Items like usysconf will be fairly trivial to implement.
  • Budgie will see a minor point release (10.5.2) with some bug fixes I landed as well as the GNOME 3.36 stack upgrade. Most of my work on desktop icons is complete as well, just pending further testing locally and I may try to get mounts in place as well.

Given the start of my company formally starts next week on the 12th as well, my time towards Solus will be reduced, so this shift also gives some additional head room for me to get stuff out at a pace that I don't feel is rushed. As always, we release when we feel something is ready =)

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